I’m Jeff Cunningham —

STEM Leader, Atmospheric Scientist, and Hands-on Technologist

I have almost 20 years of experience leading high performing teams and solving complex problems in science, engineering and operations. In brief, I transform organizations and their use of technology to achieve strategic and tactical business objectives.

My PhD is in Atmospheric Science and I am a subject matter expert in numerical weather modeling, weather radar, high performance computing and many contemporary software and cloud engineering practices (i.e. Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect, Professional Data Engineer, and Associate Cloud Engineer). For a more complete rundown of my professional experiences and achievements, check out my LinkedIn profile.

Whereas LinkedIn documents my professional history, achievements, and credentials, eightyonedegrees.com, serves two additional purposes. With this website I intend to:

  • Demonstrate interesting STEM projects I am working on – I love learning new things and creating tools with a purpose. Project areas include, but are not limited to meteorology, data science, microelectronics, software, and cloud engineering.
  • Educate anyone or teach a skill to anyone who is interested in learning STEM. As a homeschool father and professional in STEM, I encourage parents to build their students’ curiosity by giving them outlets to experiment and develop skills in students’ interest areas. To assist in teaching children to be curious, I built some Micro-Tutorials in Meteorology & Data Science. I also document building a robot car and other STEM type activities on my blog.


Posts about various technologies and solutions on this website do not represent an endorsement by my employer. All opinions are my own.