Project J2G2 – An Autonomous Raspberry Pi Car with Four Independent Motors

Figure 1: Manually Operated J2G2 in action (February 2019)

My goal for Project J2G2 is to build a ‘fully’ autonomous car from hobby microelectronics parts. Currently, J2G2 is only capable of manual operations and the engineering is relatively simple. Users command J2G2 through a Javascript touchscreen box on their choice of device and web browser. The user accesses the web server on the Raspberry Pi (Python Flask) and moves their finger to adjust speed and direction. A Python function calculates the appropriate speed for each wheel based on user inputs (Figure 1).

I started this project back in 2018 and slowly added features as time allowed. Figure 2 is a video of early testing of independent motor functionality. For the benefit of others, at a future date, I’ll make the code available via a public Github repository and also publish the full parts list and references.