Satellite Detected Wildfire Alerts via Email (based on users’ designated alert location)

Here is the architecture diagram (#cloudarchitecture ) of an app that alerts users of Satellite Detected Wildfires near their designated alert locations. It’s simple and I know that companies already provide services like this for free, but hey I use it and I learned a lot building it! And with the way I designed the architecture, I think the app scales horizontally very well as the number of users grow.

Also noteworthy…I employed Google Cloud’s source repositories and #cloudbuild triggers for deploying the application code directly to #cloudfunctions. This development and ops flow makes for a quick and efficient CI/CD pipeline for a one-person developer team.

I began learning #cloudcomputing in earnest in early 2019.
All of the hands-on tutorials that are available for learning #cloudengineering are truly amazing, but I have to say there’s a certain satisfaction with building a functional #serverless app without a tutorial and have it provide utility to someone.

Disclaimer: This app was developed with personal resources. The data used for fire detection are publicly available. All opinions are my own and are not officially endorsed by my employer.

Here is a link to my LinkedIn post.