fireAlert App Release 0.1.2

I am happy to announce the release of Version 0.1.2 of the web app.  

Here’s what comes with this release: 


  • User authentication and authorization integrated into the pages
  • The ability to change the map location based on user input
  • The dashboard opens on the alert location set for your account


  • Minor Fixes

What’s next?

  • Self-service user sign-up and workflow
  • Self-service user preferences updates (to set alert location, radius, turn alerts on and off, etc.)
  • Sign-out button 
  • Once I get some of the basic house keeping features in place, I’ll start adding new capabilities, such as forecasts, and relevant social media and news information regarding fires in the user’s interested area.

DISCLAIMER:  This project is a private, personally funded initiative with no direct affiliation with the US Government or any commercial entity. 

Screenshot of the Web App