Parts and Software for Wicked Awesome Raspberry Pi Car

Raspberry Pi Car – J2G2 Version 2
Video of Raspberry Pi Car (J2G2 Version 2) in Action

For several years, as time permits I have been developing a remote control (via web browser touch screen) Raspberry Pi car simple enough for my kids to operate. I chronicled the development of two versions of a Raspberry Pi car in several blog posts:

Here is a parts list and a Github link (bottom of the page) to the software I wrote to operate the Raspberry Pi Car. The software only enables remote operation via a touchscreen web browser (as in a smart phone or tablet). I wrote a simple web server app, touch screen web page, and Python driver (for controlling the wheels independently).

Raspberry Pi Car Parts List

Robot Chassis

1x or 2x (builder preference) – 4 Wheel 2 Layer Robot Smart Car Chassis Kits with Speed Encoder for Arduino DIY

You will need order two chassis sets to get the 3rd layer.

Raspberry Pi Zero W with Headers

x1 – Raspberry Pi Zero W with Headers

I recommend ordering a Raspberry Pi Zero W with headers as opposed to a Pi Zero without headers. If you order Raspberry Pi without headers you will need to solder the header on yourself.

Bonnet for Raspberry Pi

1x – Power Management IC Development Tools Adafruit DC & Stepper Motor Bonnet for Raspberry Pi

The bonnet is what sends commands to the electric motors. You’ll need to download the required libraries to command the electric motors.

Raspberry Pi Zero Case

1x – Pi Foundation Raspberry Pi Zero Case 

This case is designed specifically for the Raspberry Pi Zero W. You could 3D print your own case if you have a 3D printer.

Renology Lithium Battery

x1 – Lithium Battery for powering the Raspberry Pi. I chose a Renogy Portable Charger 10000mAh Power Bank, World’s Smallest and Lightest External Battery Pack with Dual USB Ports, Mobile Charger Power Pack for iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy. However, this is way more than required to power a Raspberry Pi Zero W.

Battery Holder for 8 x AA

x1 – 8 x AA Thicken Battery Holder with I Type Wired Battery Clip Standard Snap Connector

Raspberry Pi Car Software

You can download the software for the car off of my public Github repo.