Software Development & Cloud Engineering

Public Affairs Articles Describing Activities I Led in the Air Force

Personal Software Development Projects (not related to AF)

These are useful tools I developed to solve a problem. The tools described here fall into at least one of the following categories:

  • the tool solves a particular problem presented to me from colleagues, friends, or family,
  • the tool solves a problem that I perceive to exist, or
  • the tool was a fun building exercise and I wanted to share it.

Wildfire Dashboard


A real-time interactive dashboard showing satellite detected fires and other relevant information for the designated area in the map. This tool is an alpha version and open to a private audience. If you think you have a need for a tool like this and interested in testing, leave me feedback by clicking here. You can also follow my progress working on this tool on my blog.

2-D Atmospheric Weather Model


A simple ‘toy’ atmospheric model based on Robert Fovell’s work modeling course (http://www.atmos.albany.edu/facstaff/rfovell/ATM562/index.html). I originally wrote this model in Fortran, then refactored into Matlab (circa 2010). This present effort/project will take the Matlab version and refactor into the Julia Language. The first release will be a working Julia version of this model. Contributions are made by volunteers interested in using this model. This project is ongoing.

My GitHub repo is here. The embed is below:


Home School Curriculum Search Tool (Schoolalot.com)


A website that searches a tailored list of homeschool curriculum websites. The results are organized by search category. The backend is built on Google’s Custom Search Engine and the front end on Google Cloud’s App Engine.

Useful 3rd Party Tools (External Links)