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Milky Way Galaxy with Forest Fire Burning – Scenic landscape astrophotography with dark skies and fire burning from the Grizzly Creek Glenwood Canyon Fire. Dotsero, Colorado USA. istockPhoto – Stock photo ID:1267040611

Wildland fires have positive and negative effects on society and the environment, but uncontrolled wildfire near communities are devastating. New technologies in remote sensing, autonomy, and computing are enabling the development of new decision making and response tools. On this page, I chronicle some of my efforts to build tools to assist the stakeholders in making better decisions regarding wildfires.

I began by building a real-time interactive dashboard showing satellite detected fires and other social media relevant information for the designated area in the map. Then I developed a cloud-based and horizontally scalable alerting framework for users’ designated alert locations. Most of these tools are in at an Alpha or Beta status.

If you think you have a need for any of these tools and are interested in testing, visit the landing page.

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You can also follow my progress working on this tool on my blog.


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